Next HFIA 2018 Meeting:

THE NEXT BLOS AND HFIA MEETINGS WILL BE HELD AT the SS Great Britain, Bristol, United Kingdom on September 6 2018 preceded by NATO BLOS on 5 September.

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Member Biographies

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John Rosica

John Rosica - (Co-chairman)

John Rosica is founder of NVIS Communications/Barrett Communications Consulting. He is a subject matter expert in the area of HF Communications for Resiliency and Fallback from normal infrastructure dependent means/methods.

John has been active in this Industry for over 30 years, he founded NVIS Communications over 14 years ago and today it serves Federal, State and Local Government entities as well as many Private Sector Industries within the Energy Sectors as well as Telecommunications.

John personally holds multiple FCC Licenses to be able to provide this capability and he also personally serves with US Army MARS which is sponsored by the DoD to be able to provide secure backup communications (voice and data) for DoD and their served agencies/customers.

He founded and served as CEO of a Silicon Valley Management Consulting firm for over 20 years in parallel with his other interests but as of 2009 fully divested of that role to dedicate 100% of his time and energy to the NVIS Communications Mission.

He also serves on several Industry specific boards. He has been a member of FBI/InfraGard Silicon Valley and Southern California Chapters and also is on board of the InfraGard EMP SIG (very involved in protecting the US Electric Power Grid).

Rob Fitzgerald

Rob Fitzgerald - (Co-chairman)

President and CEO of Antenna Products, a subsidiary of QAR Industries, Inc.

Antenna Products is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality antenna systems including large scale HF antenna systems. Mr. Fitzgerald has extensive experience in broadband wireless communications, Wi-Fi, WLAN, LTE, WiMax, mesh, microwave, millimeter wave, free space optics (FSO) and wireless ISPs (WISP). He holds degrees from UCLA in both economics and law.

Mr. Fitzgerald is the founder of QAR, LLC, an investment and advisory company. In 2009, as part of his role at QAR, Mr. Fitzgerald began to provide strategic consulting to Ubiquiti Networks and was ultimately appointed their President, holding that position until August 2010. Founded in 2005, Ubiquiti Networks is a next-generation communications technology company that designs and manufactures disruptive technology including AirMax, UniFi and AirFiber.

Mr. Fitzgerald has previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Young Design, Inc. (YDI), purchasing controlling interest in 1999. YDI is a world leader in providing extended range products for license free wireless data delivery systems, and is the largest manufacturer of 2.4 GHz amplifiers in the world. He remained their CEO until January 2008, over which time the company grew from $600,000 in annual revenues to over $70 million, acquiring companies such as Zeus Wireless, Telaxis, KarlNet, Terabeam, Ricochet Networks and Proxim.

Suzanne Kwak

Marcelo G. De Risio - (HFIA Secretary)

HF Product Manager, Harris RF Communications

Mr. De Risio joined Harris Corporation 1996 he has held several positions of increasing responsibility including Systems Engineering, International Sales, Program Management and Product Management.

Mr. De Risio has served as HFIA secretary from 2009-2011.

Mr. De Risio holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Naval Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Randy Nelson

Randy Nelson

Principal HF Systems Engineer, Rockwell Collins

Since 1993, his technical role has been HF systems development, data transport systems and networking in particular.

Mr. Nelson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Randy Nelson

Chris Lozano - (HFIA Secretary)

Chief Marketing Officer, Long Wave Inc.

Long Wave provides military communication and engineering services, software development, trainers, simulators and products for the VLF, LF, HF and UHF frequency ranges, with customers including the US Navy (USN), the US Air Force (USAF), and the US Coast Guard (USCG).

Mr. Lozano retired from the United States Naval service as a Naval Flight Officer/Communications Officer for the TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) community responsible for survivable communication links in support of the U.S. Nuclear Command and Control triad.

Mr. Lozano holds an undergraduate degree in Nuclear Engineering and Technology and a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and Government Acquisitions.