The following list contains the presentations made at the February 2017 HFIA meeting:
HFIA Feb 2017 - Welcome Slides Marcelo De Risio pdf 294KB
BLOS CaT Report Dr. Eric Johnson pdf 171KB
HFIA - ALE and S5066 Steve Kille Isode pdf 547KB
EMI Study HFIA Final pdf 2113KB
HFIA Wideband HF Channel Availability WG Overview W. Furman Harris Corporation pdf 541KB
Singapore and Hawaii Channel Availability Rockwell Collins pdf 402KB
Rockwell Collins Airborne WBHF Demo Overview for HFIA Rockwell Collins pdf 4703KB
HFIA SALAMANDRE experimentation final Thales pdf 1119KB
HFIA 2017 San Diego Integration v1 Andrew Gillespie Thales pdf 353KB
NVIS Communications HFIA Pres Jan 2017 Thales pdf 1119KB
NRF-300H Manpack - HFIA John Rosica Harris Corporation pdf 1907KB