The following list contains the presentations made at the September 2015 HFIA meeting:
Summary of BLOS Meeting Dr. Eric Johnson pdf 224KB
Summary Wideband HF Channel Availability Working Group William Furman Harris RF pdf 52KB
Proposal for a technical standard for an automatic link establishment and wideband set-up Catherine Lamy-Bergot Thales pdf 543KB
Supporting EMCON Broadcast over HF with ACP 127 and ACP 142 Steve Kille Isode pdf 380KB
Wideband HF Antenna for Vehicles on the Move Olivier Langlois Cobham pdf 960KB
STANAG 4724 testing and implementation (located on BLOS site) Keith Loudon Qinetiq pdf
Future of the HF House Keith Loudon Qinetiq pdf 700KB
NATO Development Initiatives in Future High-Frequency Radio Services (awaiting formal release) Donald Kallgren NCI Agency pdf
Kyynel's CNHF-system Testing and Field Results Toni Linden Kyynel Ltd pdf 11.4MB
Interpretation of HF Channel Parameters Based on Waterfall Spectrograms John Nieto Harris pdf 1MB + video
HF ALE – 2G, 3G and Wideband: Some System Integration Perspectives Dr. Andrew Gillespie Thales UK Ltd pdf 600KB
Noise Floor Variability: Analysis of long term Spectrum Records Catherine Lamy-Bergot Thales pdf 1.5MB