The following list contains the presentations made at the September 2014 HFIA meeting:
VOACAP Reliability Predictions: A Sanity Check for HF NVIS Links Marcus Walden Plextek Consulting pdf 2MB
Update to and Measurement of the proposed STANAG 5066 extensions to improve ARQ performance Steve Kille Isode pdf 429KB
Demonstration of ‘bulk’ and ‘time critical’ applications co-existing over HF and WBHF and using the proposed new STANAG 5066 extensions Steve Kille Isode pdf 1.3MB
Wide Bandwidth (>24kHz) HF Antenna for Vehicles on the Move Bruno Pomié / Olivier Langlois COBHAM pdf 465KB
HF DF John Hoover On Target Enterprises pdf 1.1MB
Broadband, Horizontally Polarized Omni-directional HF Antenna James McLean Antenna Products pdf 5.5MB
Wideband HF Catherine Lamy Bergot Thales pdf 1.3MB
Analysis of Intermediate Term variation from OTA Measurements Jim Peters Isode pdf 818KB