The following list contains the presentations made at the January 2013 HFIA meeting:
Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Announcements

Randy Nelson/Steve Ruggieri

HFIA pdf 480KB
Revision of US Military HF Radio Standards Eric E. Johnson NM State pdf 33KB
Status Report on NATO BLOS Comms Experts Group Eric E. Johnson NM State pdf 33KB
Propagation Prediction Techniques - Review & Implications Dan Roesler Applied Research Consulting Inc. pdf 3.3MB
The Dramatic Comeback of HF in the US John Rosica NVIS Communications LLC pdf 953KB
Series 4100 Integrating HF radios into IP infrastructures Stefan Bayer Rohde & Schwarz pdf 1.7MB
Design concepts for a Wideband HF ALE capability W.N. Furman, E. Koski, J.W. Nieto Harris Corporation pdf 3.7MB
HF XL modem C. Lamy-Bergot, J-B. Chantelouve, J-Y. Bernier, H. Diakhaté, J-L. Rogier Thales pdf 1.2MB
Wide band measurement of HF Spectral Occupancy in the Baltic Region Rickard Berg, Björn Johansson,Peter Nagy FMV, FOI pdf 2.1MB
The importance of the local interference environment in the frequency selection algorithm in the HF band Patrik Eliardsson Swedish Defence Research Agency pdf 696KB
HF 13 - 10th Nordic HF Radio Converence pdf 22KB