The following list contains the presentations made at the August 2013 HFIA meeting:
Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Announcements

Michael Withington, HFIA Chairman

HFIA pdf 214KB
Revision of US Military HF Radio Standards Eric E. Johnson NM State pdf 33KB
Status Report on NATO BLOS Comms Experts Group Eric E. Johnson NM State pdf 30KB
On air HF XL experimentation results C. Lamy-Bergot, H. Diakhaté, J-Y. Bernier, O. Delestre Thales pdf 1MB
110C App D Vocoder Data Rate Short Interleaver Performance Randy Nelson, Mark Jorgenson Rockwell Collins pdf 839KB
Instantaneous channel access for 3GALE systems Rickard Berg, Håkan Bergzén FMV, Combitech pdf 243KB
Interference Environment and Wideband Channel Availability William Furman, John Nieto, Eric Koski Harris Corporation pdf 247KB
Bachelor Thesis Harald Wickenhaeuser Rohde & Schwarz pdf 2.4MB