The following list contains the presentations made at the September 2012 HFIA meeting:
Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Announcements

Randy Nelson/Steve Ruggieri

HFIA pdf 391KB
Status Report on NATO BLOS Comms Experts Group Eric E. Johnson NM State pdf 35KB
Spectrum issues for HF wideband communications C. Lamy-Bergot, J-B. Chantelouve, C. Leménager Thales pdf 2.3MB
Wide Band High Frequency Communications James Alexander Rockwell Collins pdf 351MB
Application and STANAG 5066 performance over Wide-Band HF Steve Kille Isode Ltd pdf 410KB
Wideband HF Spectral Sensing Results Mark Jorgenson, Randy Nelson, Joe Lahart Rockwell Collins pdf 1.5MB
Effects of Interleaver Size and FEC Code Constraint Over-the-Air J. W. Nieto, W. Furman Harris Corporation pdf 2.1MB
Chilton Ionosonde Critical Frequency Measurenents
IET IRST2012 paper
Marcus C. Walden Plextek pdf 1.6MB
Experimental Wide Band HFIP System SkyNet Nur Serinken Defence R & D Canada pdf 200KB