The following list contains the presentations made at the January 2012 HFIA meeting:
Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Announcements Marcelo De Risio HFIA Secretary pdf 212KB
Welcome & Introductions Randy Nelson Rockwell Collins pdf 248KB
Status Report on NATO BLOS Comms Experts Group Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 87KB
Revision of US Military HF Radio Standards Dr. Eric Johnson NMS pdf 290KB
WBHF Skywave Interleaver Performance Test Results Mark Jorgenson Rockwell Collins pdf 1.2MB
Waveform Comparison based on Multipath and Doppler Spread Capability J. W. Nieto, W. Furman Harris Corporation pdf 147KB
Are HF BLOS Circuits Still Aviable Communications Medium in 2012? Mark Allen Antenna Products Corporation pdf 5.0MB
Wideband HF IP Experimentation James L. Mahan SPAWAR pdf 1.2MB
Spectrum Sensing as a tool to analyze Wideband HF channel availability W. Furman Harris Corporation pdf 258KB
HF XL An Alternative 4G Solution Eric Bader Thales pdf 2MB