The following list contains the presentations made at the January 2011 HFIA meeting:
Welcome, Introductions, Agenda, Announcements Marcelo De Risio HFIA Secretary pdf 212KB
NATO BLOS Comms Status Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 500KB
Revision of US Military HF Radio Standards Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 61KB
XMPP over HF Radio: Measurements and Analysis Steve Kille Isode Ltd pdf 400KB
HF in the US Navy Update James L. Mahan SAIC pdf 1.3MB
Integrated High Frequency Radio Systems Project AFCEA HFIA Kris Langland   pdf 738KB
RF Power Meter Selection Kevin King, Lynn Strube Bird Technologies pdf 3.1MB
Simulation Requirements for fading
multipath channel conditions
W. Furman Harris Corporation pdf 2.1MB
WBHF Testing over Transatlantic Link Mark Jorgenson Rockwell Collins pdf 623KB
Preamble Performance for Various HF Standards J. W. Nieto, W. N. Furman Harris Corporation pdf 208KB
MIL-STD-188-110C Appendix D
Digital Voice Data Rate Performance
Jim Gregory Rockwell Collins pdf 131KB
Improving the 3GALE standard for tactical land based operations Håkan Bergzén COMBITECH pdf 4.9MB