The following list contains the presentations made at the February 2009 HFIA meeting:
HFIA February 2009 Agenda Bruno Haineault Datron pdf 51KB
Report on July 2008 HFIA Meeting David Arcoraci Harris pdf 22KB
Status Report on the MIL-STD Technical Advisory Committee Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 67KB
Status Report on NATO Standards Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 17KB
HF Data Transport to Remote Sites over Congested and Errored Network Links Randy Nelson, Alyssa Levitz Rockwell Collins pdf 221KB
HF Power Measurement in Custom Applications Kevin King, Bill Tobin Bird Technologies pdf 1.1MB
STANAG 5066 Update Donald Kallgren NATO NC3A pdf 554KB
Running XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) over HF Radio Steve Kille Isode pdf 229KB
Next Generation ALE Concepts William Furman, Eric Koski Harris pdf 59KB
HF On-The-Air Test & Analysis Capability Rod Blocksome Rockwell Collins pdf 3.9MB
Update on CE-OFDM Waveforms for Use on HF Channels John Nieto Harris pdf 188KB
Software Defined WWV Receiver Shad Nygren Datron pdf 158KB