The following list contains the presentations made at the February 2008 HFIA meeting:
Session 1
HFIA February 2008 Agenda Rod Blocksome Rockwell Collins pdf 17KB
Report on July 2007 HFIA Meeting Rod Blocksome Rockwell Collins pdf 17KB
Update on NATO BLOS COMM AHWG Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 24KB
Status report on MIL-STD Technical Advisory Committee Dr. Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 77KB
World Radio Comm Conferernce 2007 (WRC-07) Summary Results for HF Bob Adkinson 547 ACSS/GFLC pdf 35KB
The Ever Shrinking HF Antenna Site Gordon Sinclair TCI pdf 1.1MB
HFGCS Digital HF Developments and Concepts Gary Boesdorfer Rockwell Collins pdf 2.5MB
Session 1
Analyzing Ionospheric Effects on WWV Timing Signals Shad Nygren Datron pdf 687KB
HF Data and Voice Transport over IP Networks Randy Nelson Rockwell Collins pdf 960KB
High Frequency Test Facility(HFTF) 2008 Sandra Maldonado DISA JITC    
Comparison of HF Channel Variation Models William Furman Harris, Corp. pdf 484KB
Constant-Envelope Variations of OFDM and OFDM-CDMA John Nieto Harris, Corp. pdf 136KB
NATE/OSHA Partnership, Our Experience Jim Biskaduros ACT-Corp pdf 281KB
Nominations and Election of HFIA Chairman Rod Blocksome Rockwell Collins pdf 12KB
Wrap-up and Adjourn Rod Blocksome Rockwell Collins