The following list contains the presentations made at the February 2004 HFIA meeting:
Introduction Jim Mahan SAIC pdf 19KB
JITC Testing Update Joe Schulte JITC pdf 648KB
Future Evolution of the HFIA Bill Beamish Harris pdf 40KB
US Government support to the World Radio communication Conference in 2003 and the International Telecommunications Union meeting in 2007 Jim Mahan SAIC pdf 2.1MB
Power Line Communications issues John Nieto Harris pdf 35KB
Multi-channel analog voice translated to Voice Codec Jeff Brower SignalLogic pdf 211KB
NATO C3 Agency views on the future of HF Don Kallgren NC3A pdf 1.6MB
Status of HF Data Communications in the U.S. Navy Pete Renfree SAIC pdf 875KB
Update on STANAG 5066 Channel Access Protocol Eric Johnson NMSU pdf 252k
A software based ALE for the Swedish Home Defence Håkan Bergzén AerotechTelub pdf 1.8MB
ICM Presentation Dale Potter Thales pdf 186KB
Sub-committee update - HF Simulator specification Bill Furman Harris pdf 76KB
Sub-committee report- Global Interoperability using STANAG 5066 Jim Mahan SAIC pdf 305KB
Opinion Survey Results Jim Mahan SAIC pdf 99KB
Open Discussion Jim Mahan SAIC pdf 25KB