The following list contains the presentations made at the June 2002 meeting:
JTIC Activities Update J.Schulte JTIC pdf 445KB
ITU-R and USWP9C Activities
Report of Working Party 9C Meeting
J.Goodman USWP9C pdf 39KB

STANAG 5066 ICM Update and Meeting Report J Mahan Rockwell Collins pdf 41KB
High-resolution IF conversion and Panoramic Spectrum Display J.Kilgallen Monteria pdf 991KB
A comparison of advanced ALE waveforms G.Tefer Rockwell Collins pdf 48KB
RF Testing of Modems Embedded in Radios J. Nieto Harris pdf 44KB
Proposed Data Protocol Enhancements for STANAG 4538 W. Furman Harris pdf 44KB
NCS-SHARES, NTCN-HF, and RM-HF Radio Programs R. Thomas SHARES NCS pdf 9.2MB
HF Status in the US Navy P. Renfree SAIC pdf 1.3MB
SCOPE Command Overview and Network Security in SCOPE Command E. Holderman Rockwell Collins pdf 1.1MB
Very High Data Rate Waveform B. Moreland IP Unwired pdf 175KB
Doppler Spectrum Measurment of HF Channel Simulators W. Furman Harris pdf 73KB
Channel Interactions when using ARQ and Internet Protocols E. Johnson NMSU pdf 73KB