The following list contains the presentations made at the Jan 2002 HFIA meeting:
HF Radio Standards Development Activities and NATO HF Working Group Report Dr. E. Johnson SAIC/New Mexico State University pdf 67KB
JTIC Activities Update J. Schulte JTIC pdf 772KB
STANAG; 5066 ICM Meeting J Mahan Rockwell Collins pdf 111KB
JITC E-mail Testing Dr. E. Johnson SAIC / New Mexico State University pdf 258KB
A Comparison of STANAG 5066 and 2-nd Generation Protocol with 3-rd Generation Protocols Dr. A. Gillespie Qinetic pdf 168KB
An Investigation of Throughput vs. Interleaver Size for ARQ Systems Utilizing STANAG 4539 J. Nieto Harris pdf 88KB
E-mail Performance of 2-nd and 3-rd Generation Data Links in Tactical Channels B. Beamish Harris pdf 96K
Effect of Transmit Power on Naval Battle Group Operation R. Forrester Rockwell Collins pdf 402KB
Collision Avoidance using STANAG 5066 in a Network Environment P. McFarland Rockwell Collins pdf 49KB
Joint Tactical Radio Overview Major D.J. Herring USAF, JTRS Joint Program Office zip 11.5MB
Battle Force E-mail Status P. Renfree SAIC pdf 459KB
Listen Before Transmit Techniques for STANAG 4538 W. Furman * Harris pdf 72KB
NCS-SHARES, NTCN-HF, and RM-HF Radio Programs R. Thomas SHARES NCT zip 8.1MB
Passive HF Surveillance System Developments J. Kilgallen Monteria pdf 286KB
*Furman's paper contains some interesting .wav files that you may have trouble accessing from the Power Point presentation. If so, click here to access the files directly.