The following list contains the presentations made at the February 2015
Wideband HF Channel Availability Working Group meeting:
Wideband HF Channel Availability Working Group W.Furman, Harris RF HFIA pdf 2.7MB
Wide Band HF UK Spectrum Utilisation Bram Watson babcock pdf 1.3MB
Measurement results in Belgium WBHF Channel Availability J-Y. Bernier, C. Lamy-Bergot Thales pdf 18MB
Furthur Examination of Noise Floor Determination W.N. Furman, J. Nieto, W. Batts Harris pdf 6MB
Channel Minute Availability - Different configurations and availability in southern Norway Magnar GĂ„sland Norwegian Defence pdf 3MB
Further validation of the Perseus as a measurement tool J Nieto, W.N. Furman Harris pdf 7.6MB